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A Note from the N'siah

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A Note from Jessica N'siah...

To the W-A-D-E-L "Reba Wadel give'em hell" bunnies!
Hope. Dream. Inspire. Listen. Change. Now is the time more than ever that these simple words need to be utilized. I believe that with hope for a positive future, Wadel will become stronger than it has ever been. I believe with a dream or two, Wadel can discover its own utpoia. I believe that with inspiration, Wadel will build strength and and membership. I believe that by listening, Wadel will be able to incorporate everyone's opinion. I believe that the only way to accomplish these goals comes with change.
Damn Proud Wadel N'siah
Jessica Isabella Khatskelevich


We love you Jessie Prexy oh yes we do!
We love you Jessie Prexy and we'll be true!
When you're not with us we're aqua and white!
Oh Jessie Prexy we love you!

Passion Fruit Execs are HOT!! Good luck on your term girls! We love you!

IM Jessie Prexy at CuttieTuttie89 or e-mail at