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BBG Pep Song-

B’nai B’rith Girls, we’re standing tall, we’re one for all,
B’nai B’rith Girls, we’re here to stay, we’ll pave the way for all the Jewish youth!
B’nai B’rith Girls, we’re standing here as one (hey),
B’nai B’rith Girls, for sisterhood and fun (hey),
For love and laughter, friends that last

Time so good, they go so fast

We stand and sing with all our might

B'nai B'rith Girls or future is so bright


B'nai B'rith Girls we're standing here as one,

B'nai B'rith Girls for sisterhood and fun!

Together as one forever united

B'nai B'rith Girls

B'nai B'rith Girls


We love you-

WE LOVE YOU jessie prexy OH YES WE DO!



OH jessie prexy WE LOVE YOU!!!


Repeating Cheer-

I’m in Wadel BBG


Don’t you wish that you were me?


Jessie Prexy leads our clan


Jon >< is our only man


349 we will stand true


Look out girls we’re coming thru


Sound Off 1,2

Sound Off 3,4

Bring it on down now! 349!


Traditional Cheer-

Wadel rabbits are the best,
We are Wadel BBG,
We’re the best, as you can see!
Shout it loud,
Shout it clear,
Wadel BBG is here,
Reba Wadel give em’ hell!
Gooooo Bunnies!!


Boom, Boom, Boom-

Boom, boom, boom,

Let me hear you say Wadel

Wadel!! (whole verse x2)

Girl your bunny ears so fin

And your numbers 349!

Jon >< is very sexy

And we love our Jessie Prexy!

We are aqua and we’re white

Couldn’t beat us with all your might.

Reba Wadel is THE BEST!

And will always beat the rest!

Boom, boom, boom,

Let me hear you say Wadel



My Hops-

Whatcha gonna do with all these hops?

All these hops that Wadel drops?

Were gonna hip hip hip hip hop,

Hippidy hop hop, hippidy hop.

My hops, my hops my hops my hops,

My lovely little hops

Check us out!

We love our Jessie Prexy because she's so damn sexy

Jon is our only beau, he's the one that we all know

Wadel girls are so cool, we're so cool we'll make you drool

Aqua and white, we're so tight, we're so tight we'll make you fight.

So whatcha gonna do with 3-4-9

3-4-9 we so damn fine!


Bunny Time-

3-4-9 so damn fine

STOP it's bunny time!

Bunny 1, Bunny 2

We're gonna hop all over you

Bunny 3, Bunny 4

Stick around we'll tell you more

Bunny 5, Bunny 6

You're not ready for our tricks

Bunny 7, Bunny 8

Reba Wadel is so great

Bunny 9, Bunny 10

You'll be seeing us again

Goooooooooo Wadellllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!


(leader) I said my sista's

(all) YAH

(leader) You lookin good today

(all) Well the Reba Wadel girls look good everyday

We said ohee ohee ohh ice ice ice

ohee ohee ohh ice ice ice

[repeats multiple times]


Eyes shining bright, understanding and true
A pure golden heart with kindness anew
A hand there to help us throughout the year
A smile to greet us with friendship and cheer
Hold high this honor we place upon you
Oh perfect symbol of gentleman true
Above all the rest it’s you we proclaim
To stand on our pedestal in our hall of fame
Example to us of a truly GREAT guy
You are the pride in BBG’s eyes
With deepest devotion we sing unto thee
Oh Jon our Beau of Wadel BBG!


The Coca Cola Cheer-
Friendships always last and friends we'll always be,
Wherever there is fun there's always BBG,
Wadel is our name and AZA’s our game
IF you want to hold the key, always BBG,
Na na na na na for sisterhood you'll see,
Na na na na na always BBG.


BBG Pledge-

We pledge to thee, oh BBG
Our love, our youth, our loyalty
We sing to thee with joyous sounds
Our voices reach the sky
From Zion came the white and blue
To give these colors bold and true
Our loyal daughters gather round to raise our flag on high.