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*BUNNIES Schedule In Spring 2006*


Friday 3rd, 2006
Council-Wide Services

Saturday 4th, 2006
Purim Project with Kravitz

Sunday 5th, 2006
Chapter Meeting @ 5:30
Basketball vs. Kravitz

Saturday 11th, 2006
Ice Skating with Brandeis

Sunday 12th, 2006
Basketball vs. Sablosky

Wednsday 15th, 2006
Dinner @ Freebirds

Saturday 18th, 2006
Get to know Jon >< Project

Sunday 19th, 2006
Basketball vs. Weinstein

Friday 24th, 2006 - Sunday 26th, 2006
Kallah Convention



coming soon...

March Bunny Birthdays!!!

Brittany Steinman-March 1st
Sarah Meth-March 3rd
Laura Rudberg-March 3rd
Amanda Rude-March 6th
Heather Teitell-March 14h

Wanna have a project with the bunnerific Wadel girls?? E-mail Dana our sexy S'ganit @!!