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A Note from Jon Beau...



To our Bunnirific Beau...

Eyes shinning bright understanding and true,
A pure golden heart with kindness anew.
A hand here to help us throughout the year,
A smile to greet us with friendship and cheer.
Hold high this honor we place upon you,
Oh perfect symbol of gentlemen true.
Above all the rest it is you we proclaim,
To stand on our pedestal
In our hall of fame.
An example to us of a truely great guy,
You are the pride in BBG's eyes.
With deepest devotion we sing unto thee
Oh Jon our Beau of Wadel BBG!

We love you Jon Beau oh yes we do!
We love you Jon Beau and we'll be true!
When you're not with us, we're AQUA and WHITE!
Oh Jon Beau we love you!!

Full Name
Jonathan Winer
JJ Pearce
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Home Chapter
Henry Monsky AZA #791
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